About Us

Our Core Purpose

To help families create a better life for children.

Our Vision

We are at the forefront,

      Engaging Families,

                  Changing lives,

Through the power of innovative, reliable customer- centered services.

Our Mission

We deliver outstanding child support services so that all children

Receive the financial and medical resources necessary for their well–being.

Our Core Values

  1. Trust – We speak honestly and act with integrity.
  2. Respect – We treat everyone with dignity.
  3. Communication – We share information openly and timely, and encourage dialogue.
  4. Quality – We deliver the best results with excellence.
  5. Teamwork – We collaborate and cooperate to achieve common goals.
  6. Innovation – We seek new opportunities to improve and transform.

As a service agency committed to excellence, the Kern County Department of Child Support Services provides quality child support services to parents for the care and well-being of their children. Each day we establish parentage, locate absent parents, establish and enforce orders for child and medical support, and collect payments. Research has shown that when parents can rely on monthly child support payments, positive outcomes for children increase. To meet this objective, we also believe in establishing partnerships with parents and communities to help us carry out our mission of helping families become self-sufficient by ensuring parents can rely on receiving monthly child support payments.

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